About the African Industrial and Development Conference (AIDCA)

Every year, Dotmount Communications collaborates with Bloomberg, the Associated Press, and Yahoo Finance, to host the African Industrial and Development Conference (AIDCA), which brings together key achievers in all the sectors responsible for the growth and advancement of Africa’s economy.

While historically regarded as the world’s poorest region, in recent years there has been a boom across Africa’s largest economies – including Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Kenya – which has spread throughout the continent and generated increased revenue for most of its countries. This paired with expansion into new markets and the abundance of natural resources the continent possesses have led many experts to believe that Africa is poised to become a major player in global business over the next couple of decades.

Whilst each country within this diverse and developing region has its own unique business landscape that sets it apart from other parts of Africa, there are some prevailing market trends that run through the continent as a whole. Agriculture is the clear leader for Africa’s overall economy and significantly outpaces all other sectors in both revenue and employment figures, boasting a 15% share of the GDP and over 60% of Africa’s 460 million-strong workforce.

Telecommunications is also a key segment of the African economy, owing to the fact that mobile phone usage is so high. In 2022 the number of telecom subscribers within Africa passed 400 million – the highest in the world – and this also makes Africa the only continent where mobile users have surpassed fixed line customers. Another industry that has experienced substantial growth in recent years is Banking and Finance. The prevalence of mobile phone technology throughout the population has led to a huge surge in FinTech and mobile banking solutions, as companies respond to rising demand for efficient and accessible banking services.

Through the AIDCA, Dotmount Communications will celebrate the growing influence of African business on the world stage, providing the region’s leading enterprises with the opportunity to showcase the ambition, dedication, and accomplishments that set them apart from their competition.

This invite-only event gathers thousands of “thoughtful, iconoclastic doers” from both the public and the private sectors who share a common interest in providing practical solutions for sustainable development through global innovation. The meeting serves as a platform for top-level executives, prominent industry leaders, financial managers, and development experts to discuss the practical aspects of the digital economy.

Our winners are determined through an innovative selection process based on merit, and our strict criteria ensures that only the most deserving go on to be successful in the programme. Regardless of company size or industry authority, the team at Dotmount Communications only consider evidence related to company performance, productivity, quality of products and services, and customer satisfaction.

Winners within the African Industrial and Development Conference (AIDCA) 2024 will be presented with a range of media packages to assist in the marketing of their business or project with options available in a variety of formats and budgetary levels.

If you would like to be involved this year, or there is a deserving company you would like to put forward, please don’t hesitate to submit a nomination!

We wish the best of luck to all potential participants in the upcoming AIDCA!