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Before you make the big career move

Are you considering a career move this 2020 but don’t know the first thing about how to take a step forward? We understand how scary the decision to make a career switch at this point could be especially if you’re worried about your readiness to take the leap. Let’s help you with steps to get prepared. Here goes…

Speak to real people who are in the role you desire

Hearing the great, not so great and overall requirements of your new career interest from someone who is currently doing the job helps you get clear on the way forward. It also helps you figure out if you’re really cut out for the job and what skills you need to be successful in it. Aim to speak with about five people to get a more robust view.

Gain specific skills

You don’t always need to go back to full-time schooling to gain requisite knowledge before a career switch. That would demand time and money. Instead, explore affordable individual courses you can take to gain specific skills you probably lack for your new job role, except your new career role is to be a doctor, then you’ll need to go to medical school.

Can your old skill sets be transferred?

There are core skills you have gained through your years of experience that can be transferred to your new career e.g. communication, collaboration, organization, time management etc. Use research into the job description of your desired role and what you learnt from those already in the job to identify the skills that you can adapt from your past experiences. It’s your job then to form a narrative of how these skills will come in handy for your new role – because your interviewer will ask.

Final words: In taking these steps, you will get clear on the way forward which could mean readiness for the new career you desire, or the realization that you just need a job switch to another department or even company – instead of a complete career change.

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